RF Welding And Sealing

Sealtech – The industry leader in RF Welding And Sealing since 1976

We are the RF Welding And Sealing company engineers and designers dream about! We understand quality and we understand the technical aspects required to make the product you’ve designed fit the requireed application.

Sealtech has supplied RF Welded products for use on the International Space Station!

Our RF Welding And Sealing capabilities range from small, one off, prototypes to full medical device product lines with thousands of pieces in stock and ready to ship same day.

Our high RF Welding And Sealing volume capabilities make us extremely attractive to our larger customers and our stocking programs eliminate lead times and the need for expensive inventory at their facilities.

The rf welded products we manufacute range from medical devices to sporting goods and aviation components to those used in the automotive industry, the military, and by rescue and recovery personnel around the world.

Our experienced staff had over 50 years of experience and stands ready to assist you in every way possible to move your product from the design board to a finished device or from your existing manufacturer in the most cost effective method possible.

Here at Sealtech we work closely with our suppliers to stay current on new RF Welding And Sealing materials and components so that we are prepared to better assist you in the development or improvement of your product.

Sealtech is an ISO 9001:2008 registered RF Welding manufacturer and an FDA registered device manufacturer. That means our 3rd party verified Quality Management System is there to provide peace of mind throughout the design, development, and manufacturing processes.

Our RF sealing manufacturing facility located in Southeast Tennessee not only provides for quick and economical delivery but also allows us to remain competitive with attractive labor rates making it easier to have your items manufactured here in the United States.

Our state of the art PLC controlled RF Welding And Sealing machines provide a stable process throughout the production run providing a high quality product from beginning to end of large lots or batches. And our fully equipped in-house machine shop makes it possible for us to quickly build and maintain complete high quality tool sets.

Whether you are an engineer with detailed plan or a purchasing agent with an established product line we are ready to serve you. Let us show you how we can assist with the development of your plan or take over production of your existing product line with minimal disruption.

With equipment ranging from 10 KW RF Welding And Sealing machines to over 100 KW rf welders we are sure to have a piece of equipment that’s right for your project.

RF Welding And Sealing

RF Welding

If you have questions about RF Welding And Sealing please give us a call 800-644-8001 or Request an online quote above!

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