American RF Welders

American RF Welders, Made in America

If you’re looking for American RF Welders then Sealtech is the manufacture for you! For over 25 years Sealtech has been a Tennessee based manufacturer of quality RF Welded products for the medical, automotive, aviation, boating, bedding and consumer sporting industries.

Our customers range from large multinational corporations to individual business owners or entrepreneurs.

Looking back at my 26 years of hands on building, planning, managing, and developing countless projects it’s nice to look around and realize that we have been able to do what so many other companies have not.  We are an American Manufacturer not only surviving but thriving in a world of imported products.

The diversity of products we manufacture is only part of our success. We benefit from a seasoned workforce with many years of experience in radio frequency sealing. Many of our employees are in their second and even third decade of employment with us. The knowledge and experience they possess is immeasurable when it comes to identifying and eliminating potential problems that might otherwise find their way into finished goods or processes.

Our continuous investment in current state of the art equipment gives us an advantage by providing a level of process stability which is unobtainable with older equipment commonly found in other radio frequency manufacturing shops. PLC controlled tuners help to manage costs through the reduction of set up times, process down time and nonconforming product resulting in more value for the customer.

Our focus on quality is paramount. Sealtech is one of the few American RF Welders that has celebrated 14 years as an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer. With 14 years of documented third party audits to guide us our quality management system even further enhances the value provided to our customers. Our customers can rest assured that appropriate procedures are in place and being followed so that we get it right the first time.

Everything we do here at Sealtech is designed to ensure that we are able to remain a United States based manufacturer and a dominate force in the radio frequency sealing industry. I hope you will look to us in the very near future and give us the opportunity to show you how easy and cost effective it can be to have your products MADE IN AMERICA.

American RF Welders

RF Welding

If you have questions about American RF Welders of RF Sealers please give us a call 800-644-8001 or Request an online quote above!

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