Radio Frequency Welding vs. Hot Air Plastic Welding

Radio Frequency Sealed Green Bag

What is plastic welding? Plastic welding is the process of joining two plastic materials typically through heat. Plastic welding has many applications from medical and manufacturing to retail. Many of these we produce right here at SealTech using Radio Frequency Welding. The two most popular ways to generate heat for plastic welding are through the…

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American RF Welders

American RF Welders, Made in America If you’re looking for American RF Welders then Sealtech is the manufacture for you! For over 25 years Sealtech has been a Tennessee based manufacturer of quality RF Welded products for the medical, automotive, aviation, boating, bedding and consumer sporting industries. Our customers range from large multinational corporations to…

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RF Welding And Sealing

Sealtech – The industry leader in RF Welding And Sealing since 1976 We are the RF Welding And Sealing company engineers and designers dream about! We understand quality and we understand the technical aspects required to make the product you’ve designed fit the requireed application. Sealtech has supplied RF Welded products for use on the…

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RF Welding Tube Seals

rf welding tube seals

How To Make RF Welding Tube Seals RF Welding Tube Seals are a low profile connection in your radio frequency welded bladder application. A RF welded tube seal will allow you to fill and/or drain your radio frequency welded bladder, without the need for an external connector, by mounting your specific tubing directly into the…

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