Plastic RF Welding vs. Hot Air Plastic Welding–Which is Better?

Radio Frequency Sealed Green Bag

What is plastic welding? Plastic welding is the process of joining two plastic materials typically through heat. Plastic welding has many applications from medical and manufacturing to retail many of which we produce for here at SealTech Rf Welding. The two most popular ways to generate heat for plastic welding are through the use of hot air and radio frequency current.

Hot Air VS. Radio Frequency Welding

            Hot air welding like its name implies uses hot air to heat the plastics to a temperature in which the layers will fuse. The process in which the hot air heats the plastic is called convection. Convection is when heat is transferred using a fluid flow. In the case of hot air welding, air is the fluid that flows across the surface area of the plastic to be welded transferring heat through the plastic. This puts a limit on how thick of material can be welded because convection heats from the outside in which will cause the surface being heated to burn before the inner layers that are being welded to reach the necessary temperature. This is where Rf Welding the process we use to join plastics at SealTech comes into play.

            Rf welding uses radio frequency electric current to generate heat within the plastic itself to fuse the layers. Rf welding heats through a process known as radiation. Radiation is where an object is heated from energy transferred to it from electromagnetic waves. The Rf current that passes through the area of plastic being welded generates an electromagnetic field. This field similar to the microwave at your home causes the molecules within this plastic to oscillate generating heat within the material until a temperature is reached allowing the layers to fuse. This process of heating creates heat throughout the material rather than from the outside in. This allows us at SealTech to weld much thicker material than the limits on hot air welding. Since, the plastic is generating the heat from the effect of the electromagnetic field this allows us at SealTech to weld plastic coated fabrics too.

            These advantages of radio frequency welding provide many opportunities to take sewing and gluing out of many of products manufacture. Rf welding versatility can help with manufacturing your plastic needs for both low and high-volume production. Here at SealTech we are always ready to bring the abilities of RF welding to your products manufacturing.