RF Welding Tube Seals

How To Make RF Welding Tube Seals

RF Welding Tube Seals are a low profile connection in your radio frequency welded bladder application. A RF welded tube seal will allow you to fill and/or drain your radio frequency welded bladder, without the need for an external connector, by mounting your specific tubing directly into the perimeter of the inflatable bladder. The result is a very strong bond, a sleek appearance, and a snag free design. Depending on the specifics of your dielectric tool design you may also be able to eliminate the need for barbed fittings or secondary gluing processes often necessary to connect a tube to an external fitting. From a reliability perspective a RF welding tube seal is a very robust option. RF Welding directly through the perimeter of a bladder provides superior weld or seal strength and, as mentioned before, eliminates the need for additional connectors or adhesives. This leaves your bladder design with fewer potential points of failure and eliminates potentially hazardous solvent based adhesives from your bill of materials.

RF Welding Tube seals can be used with practically any material commonly welded and tubing is readily available in a wide range of sizes, blends, and colors. We routinely RF seal ID’s ranging from 1/8” to 1 ½”.

rf welding tube seals

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